Summer Face!

Summer is in full swing here in Sydney, so think dry hot days – constantly sweating and getting sunburnt! Forget about sleeping the humidity will make sleeping a joke, and pretty much any activity from eating, drinking, getting to work etc will leave you in a nice pool of perspiration…. BUT I do love the bright colours, ice cream, dresses, thongs (the shoes!), swimwear and a great tan! With that in mind I wanted to share my current favourite summer look:

Products I am using are….

Notice I am not using any powders! That’s because the setting spray I use at the start actually locks in my makeup and without the powder I have a natural glow!

So I first pop on the setting spray and wait for it to settle into my skin:

I then mix the Maybelline foundation and Rommel BB Good to Glow cream together:

I then pop on some Maybelline concealer and blend it in:

I then use the Glow illuminator (light) and Models Prefer Instant Glow (dark) to slightly contour my face….

Lastly I open up my eyes by dabbing the lightest shade of the Physician’s Formula highlight palette over my eyelids and in my inner eye and add a touch of Peach lipstick by Essence:

And that’s my easy summer face…. simple and glowy!

Comment below what you love about summer? Any summer traditions? My partner and I always attend the moonlight cinema (it is a cinema under the stars in the middle of a huge park)!

Until next time

SS xx


2 thoughts on “Summer Face!

  1. Hayley says:

    Gorgeous post especially the SLAY setting spray and the smell is divine (I got the tea and ginger) must try the cucumber

    Happy New Year


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