Swimwear Haul

Living in Australia it would be weird not to have some sort of swimwear stash! My is embarrassingly large but I wanted to share my latest favourites with you, I don’t own any one pieces but am on the lookout for some because after all the Christmas/ New Year indulgence it wouldn’t hurt to cover up some of the extra jiggly bits 😂

My current favourite is the classic blue set I have below. It’s super stretchy and I love the cut and also the shade of blue is really calming! I got this set from eBay and the quality is phenomenal.

<<<<<<Green Machine set I usually would never purchase as I’ve never liked green much but this one is probably the most flattering one on me out of the bunch and the one I wear over and over. I mean how can you resist polka dots?! Also another eBay purchase!

Japanese Oriental set, I actually got this one as a gift and have worn it once, I don’t tend to buy darker colours on bikinis but this is actually quite pretty and feminine

t is the Sporty set and I tend to wear it when my body is looking its best as the cut and colours show everything so I wouldn’t wear this if I’ve been through a donut binge recently 😂 it is stretchy and comfy though! Great with a tan. This I bought at Cotton On Body.

This is my Pool set so the bikini I wear to pools and when I have a natural tan! Fake tan would mark this bikini so def a natural tan only piece. The design is really cute and comfortable! I got this one on eBay!

This is my holiday mode set – I love the bright colours and tend to wear this one on vacation. I actually got this one at Kmart. Love the design and the tropical print.

The Zen set is another I tend wear to the pool the top is wrap around so ties at the back. Love the calming blue and white. It is stretchy also – for this one on eBay!

This Aztec set I got as a gift and although I don’t wear black normally yet alone on a bikini this design really works and is flattering! Love the top cut and almost gives it a sporty look when it’s worn.

That’s all my favourites at the moment, I do have a few older sets but wanted to just share my new additions for now!

What are your favourite brands for one pieces?! Comment below x



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