10 TED Talks You Need In Your Life

I listen to a few TED podcasts a week and I love how TED has created this community of sharing amazing content relevant to our time and society – I love the diverse range of topics and speakers they welcome and discuss.

I’ve picked 10 current (if I had to list all my favourites this blog would never end 😱) talks I thought would be great to start the new year and on topics which I found interesting and informative (I wouldn’t leave too much detail in the descriptions because these are all really worth watching and finding out for yourselves):

Define your fears not your goals :<<<<<<
deo provides an exercise we can all do which is quite eye opening.

How we’ll earn money in a future without jobs :

This is a pretty good talk about what the employment future looks like and what we will do with ourselves!

Lessons from the longest study of human development :<<<<<<
an interesting insight into what are the fundamentals of living a happy life, especially great for parents!

The fascinating physics of everyday life :<<<<<<
one who knows nothing about science like me then you will love this! Great talk about the perception of physics and how it isn't just subject to laboratories and experiments. Physics in the everyday world.

A practical way to help the homeless :<<<<<<
ant discussion on a tried and true way to help those on the streets, we need this all over the world.

How boredom can lead to your most brilliant ideas :<<<<<<
xample of a social experiment/challenge done to ignite creativity!

How a handful of tech companies control the minds of billions of people :<<<<<<
ning discussion on the influence and who is behind it.

A scientific approach to the paranormal :<<<<<<
ove all things paranormal like me then watch this! Funny and insightful

My son was a Colombine shooter and this is my story :<<<<<<
ant and personal discussion on youth and mental health and our part in all of it.

Why you should love statistics :<<<<<<
ner on what we know and what think we know.

I would love to know any talks you have loved and learnt from! Comment below your picks x




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