Monthly Top 5 – January

My favourite time of the month is sharing my best picks and finds – this could be anything from food, apps, tv shows, clothes, homeware etc anything and everything can be shared here so I hope you enjoy !

  1. This waffle recipe!

This waffle recipe gave me the best waffles ! Buttermilk is key and the waffles turned out perfect – only thing i would change is I will add choc chips to the actual batter next time, or if not make the batter sweeter as I like my waffles sweet!

2. This book – by Amanda Palmer – The Art of Asking

What a brilliant book, Amanda is a performer, TED speaker and musician and in this well written book she explores and empowers readers to rethink their ideas about asking for help, giving to others and how we react to negativity. This book will leave you feeling fearless !


3. This app – Nike Training App

So many awesome things about this app! I am not new to fitness and have been part of many fitness challenges and gyms, different workout classes and training programs so when I came across this app I was so happy! The main reasons it is amazing are the variety of workouts, images and videos for each workout and exercise, the relevant detail for the workouts as well and the extensive library to choose from. It is a fantastic at home option or even if you are the gym and don’t know what to do – you can choose any of the the workouts and follow them at the gym, you can choose to do it and follow a video or at your own pace and timing with just the images and short videos. Download this bad boy today you wont be disappointed!


4. This moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge

This is a new moisturiser I was given as a gift and am obsessed with it! You can use it as a standard moisturiser over or under your makeup, pack it on for a min moisturising mask, add it on for a dewy finish on top of your makeup – it is a one stop shop for moisturising – I have the fragrance free one and it is magical !


5. This Milk Frother – Kmart

Who doesn’t love the perfect cup of coffee or hot chocolate? I am frothingly challenged and can’t froth milk to save my life and with all the big fancy coffee machines out there I just wanted something simple and quick. I came across this AUD$29 milk frother at Kmart and couldn’t believe how amazing it is. You just pop the milk in and press a button and it stops when it is finished and the milk is creamy thick and ready for coffee¬† – I use this everyday!


That’s all for January folks – until next time!



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