Top 5 Skin Cleaning Tools

I’ve talked about skin a lot in a few of my posts in the last couple of months and wanted to also do a post on what tools are great for cleaning your skin. What products you use on your skin as well as what you eat and drink all contribute to great skin but so does proper cleansing!

I have friends who eat right and use awesome products on their skin but skill get nasty breakouts or rashes etc because they don’t thoroughly clean their skin often.

I have a few favourite skin tools that I love using today I’m sharing my top 5 and what they are great for:

Clarisonic Mia – electric skin cleaner

This is the epitome of an absolute gem of a face cleaner. It is cordless and rechargeable and comes with two different heads (that are both cleanable and replaceable) you can use any of your favourite cleansers or the one that comes with the Clarisonic. Very thorough yet gentle!

Silicone Pore Cleansing Pad

These are everywhere and they are actually really cost effective but amazing! Great for travelling too if you don’t want to carry lots of skincare items this is small and light. Simply pop some cleanser and water on your face and go to town with this little pad it cleans all your pore and gets rid of hard to remove makeup or built up dirt!

Exfoliating Face Brush

This is awesome once a week to get rid of dead skin, and improve circulation! You can use it dry or wet with your favourite face exfoliating product.

Konjac Facial Sponge

These are facial sponges made from mineral extracts. There are all sorts of different ones with different ingredients depending on your skin type (there is charcoal, red clay etc) because these are all natural they last about 2-3 months. They are activated when wet and left to air dry (don’t leave them wet in the shower etc). Awesome product for natural cleansing.

Facial Cleaning Cloths

These are so handy and great for your skin. These get rid of everything! Can be used wet or dry. Wet – cleans face as normal then use wet cloths to wash dirt and cleanser off. Dry – cleanse as normal, rinse and then try face with cloth to remove all impurities and dirt.

Cleansing your skin is so important (especially if you are a makeup wearer like me!) so make sure you give it that attention at the start and end of your day!

What would be your number one face cleaning tool?? Comment below x

SS x


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