V Day Date Ideas

So I was looking up some different things to do for Valentine’s Day with my partner and I found a few good ideas which I am sharing today BUT – I also wanted to share some really random suggestions I found online that had me amused and laughing! So I had to share those with you also!

Suggestions I liked:

  • Couples massages
  • Camp out
  • Food crawl (each course at a different restaurant)
  • Wine tasting
  • Movie marathon
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Concert or live music show
  • Breakfast in bed
  • Road trip
  • Bowling/laser skirmish
  • Get tattoos
  • Go on a cruise

Suggestions that had me confused?!:

  • Mud wrestle – okay – I don’t know anyone who mud wrestles their partner let alone anywhere I can find mud to wrestle in?! This one has me laughing out loud.
  • Share a milkshake – not sure why this is considered romantic or even an interesting thing to do with your partner but maybe it’s for the teens?!
  • Dance in the rain – maybe I’m too old for this or some people live in a real life musical but I can’t imagine my partner and I just dancing to no music in the rain 😂
  • DIY a home improvement project together – if my partner and I are like most couples building furniture or anything for the house not only stresses us out but we end up irritating the crap out of one another so this would be a horrible date idea 😂
  • Take a personality quiz and compare results – yes this was an actual suggestion for a date night on V day.
  • Have a conversation while using adult colouring books – not exactly our idea of fun!
  • Watch planes at the airport – again don’t see this ever happening – I’ve literally never seen anyone just go and sit at crazy busy airports and star at the planes let alone to do date night there 😭

That’s it folks – I would love to know what is the funniest/ weirdest date night you have had ?!

Comment below x



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