Best Touch Up Products

With only so many hours in the day it can be hard to find time to eat let alone make sure your makeup is looking decent.

With that in mind I have put together my favourite touch up products that never fail to keep my makeup looking fresh and staying in place! These 4 I always keep in my handbag:

Setting Spray!

Now I know many people use setting spray either before or after their makeup but I like to keep one in my handbag because through the day if I have rubbed off some makeup or my face gets too shiny, after I have fixed it up I spray my face again for extra staying power and a great finish so you look like you have fresh new makeup on!


Kabuki brushes

These are great for powdering shine spots and removing oily spots off your face! They won’t damage any foundation and keep the shine away!



Highlighters make the best touch up products because through the day you may rub off makeup or might just look a little fatigued, and highlighters are perfect for giving your makeup a boosted touch up! I use it to top up and existing highlight that might have rubbed off or under my eyes and inner corner of my eyes to brighten up the area.



These are lifesavers especially if you have spots of dark circles under your eyes I use this to top up those areas through out the day for an added natural looking boost and to conceal any redness or unwanted anything really!

What are your touch up tricks and products?

Comment below x

Until next time

SS x


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