March Monthly Top 5

This months favourites were fun to put together!! Looking forward to Easter this month and it hit me we are almost a quarter of the year through!

My Fitness Pal App

Even if you aren’t working out or a gym junkie right now this app is awesome for educating you on food choices. Sometimes at the supermarket you might see two very similar items and not know which one is better for you well all you have to do with this app is scan the barcode and it will give you all the nutrition info making it easy to compare. You can also pop in food when you are cooking and it can tell you the nutrients in your food. Very versatile and handy!

Below is an example when I scanned the barcode of sliced bread I had at home:

Paranormal Lockdown

So if you don’t mind a horror movie or two or are intrigued by the paranormal then this is a great tv show to watch! It is based on a team of two paranormal experts who travel around the US to the most haunted places and spend 72 hours locked in. They try and make contact and establish what if any paranormal activity is happening there. It is quite impressive and addictive! Season 3 just started this month!

Est̩e Lauder РModern Muse

I got a sample of this perfume earlier on in the year and became obsessed with it! I recently ran out of my current perfume and couldn’t help but grab this full sized perfume online! It is like a modern Chanel 5 absolutely love it!

Chocolate Hot Cross Bun Pudding

With Easter around the corner it would be rude not to try this recipe! If you love bread pudding this is for you! Chocolate goodness all in one and so easy to put together (link above)

Full length Pjs

With autumn here in Sydney I’m loving the cooler weather and living in full length pjs, I got my eye on this safari print next from ASOS (who have a killer pj selection)

That’s all for this month!!

SS xx


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