Bare Faced

As much as I enjoy makeup and getting dolled up I also enjoy taking it all off and give my skin a thorough clean and break from makeup.

I never sleep with my makeup on and always make time to thoroughly cleanse and moisturise my face.

Today I’m sharing how I go bare faced and my night time routine.

Before shot

Makeup removal

I use makeup wipes to take most of my makeup off and then I love to use oil cleansers for any hard to remove makeup. Before cleansing I like to make sure I have all of my makeup off my face.


Next I like to give my skin a wash with a hydrating cleanser, nothing too harsh. Every second night I do this with my Clarisonic otherwise it’s just a wash with my hands.

After cleansing + makeup removal

Serum time

After my skin is clean and dry, I apply serums and allow a few minutes for that to soak in.


Lastly I moisturise! I use heavier moisturisers during the night to get maximum hydration.

After serums and moisturising

That about sums up my night time routine!

Until next time!



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