Colour Pop

I’ve started playing around with colour when it comes to eyeshadows. I’ve normally stuck to ‘safe’ colours that I do know suit me like earthy tones, and Smokey reds and blacks.

I’m saying that I have to admit I have started seeing some amazing colour palettes and can’t help but love all the amazing variety of colour!

I’m going to be challenging myself and doing some coloured eyeshadow so keep an eye out for that!

Today I’m showing you my favourite colour palettes:

Sephora Pro

These colours are unbelievable. This is an affordable option with a high end quality. Range of colour is impressive and such great pigments! My favourite colours in this are the gold, bright purple and deep bright pink.

Natasha Denona

I love this palette for the blues and the reds/oranges! So many looks can be put together with these range of colours! The shimmer shades also are super bright and pigmented.

Makeup Revolution Pro HD

This is another affordable choice – this palette covers pretty much the full colour scheme from warm to cool tones, dark and light. Great choice for a first colour palette.


Probably my favourite palette! These shades are so beautiful and creamy. Even the lighter shades still come through and you don’t need to pile on so much to see the colour! Because they are so creamy they are super easy to blend and leave the best finished look.

Huda Beauty

This is a cult favourite. Also one of the brightest palettes I’ve seen. Beautiful deep and pigmented shades, this palette does need some skill to pull off I think. I’m not brave enough to try these just yet but I love these colours!

I would love to know what your favourite colour palettes are – comment below x

Until next time




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