Home Haul

So I wanted to try something new and share some homewares with you guys that I’ve fallen in love with:

Rock Book Ends!

I love these for their earthy tones and they subtly blend into the background so can be worked in with a lot of different colour palettes.

Diamond Cushion

I love this for its design and colour! I’m a earthy neutrals girl so that is my favourite colour palette. This brings in a little bit of glam to it too.

Palm Duvet Cover

This is a beautiful summery print – amazing quality and fabric!

Faux Floral Bouquet

I love fake flowers not just for photos but for adding some colour and greenery to the apartment. I can’t look after real plants to save my life so this is an easy alternative!

Chopping board

Obsessed with this board! Beautiful alternative to the standard chopping board and also great as a decor piece too!

Wall Art

This art piece is great for a neutral palette and love intricate prints so straight away I fell in love with this!

Cocktail Glass Set

What’s not to like about this?! I do have a tendency to buy unusual glassware the square glass is my fave in this set!

Globe lights

Again I do like something different and I like my lights to be strong and Illuminate sufficient light. I’m not into lamps with subtle light or soft lighting I like warm light and this brilliant twist on globes !

What is your favourite homewares store?! Drop their link in the comments!


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