Skin Hydrating Must Haves

With winter in full swing here I wanted to share my favourite hydrating skincare! My skin tends to get dry and chapped in winter but I’ve found some skin lifesavers to help.


This cleanser is a Godsend! Provides hydration while you clean and doesn’t leave your skin stripped! I’ve been using this for about 6 months and absolutely love it. It is a clear gel and one small pump will do your whole face!


This hydrating serum will give your skin new life. It has the consistency of water, and a few pumps each day will revitalise your skin. I use mine every second day to maintain hydration and renew my skin.


If you need a good hydrating moisturiser then look no further. A very luxe cream which is literally sucked up by your skin leaving you feeling supple and refreshed. This is great when you have had big night’s drinking or lack of sleep!


This mask soothes and hydrates all in one. A very calming and nourishing mask to put to bed any skin issues! Love it and also another luxe skincare product!

Body lotion

This is one for the whole body! This body balm gives you the lotion your body has always wanted. Really revitalising and great for those winter days where you need that extra hydration.

What are your winter hydrating savers?! Comment below x

SS xx


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