DIY Primer

This is probably the easiest beauty DIY you can make!

I have gone through two batches of these since I first tried it and is my go to! I use store bought primers when I am run out of my DIY version or if I am travelling.

Two simple ingredients go into this recipe:

Equal parts 100% Aloe Vera gel and face moisturiser.

The better quality moisturiser you have and the better it is suited to your skin type the better the primer will be.

I use a lighter moisturiser in summer and a thicker one in winter as my skin dries out in colder weather. The Aloe Vera is amazing for your skin but especially great with this combo as the gel sets and makes your makeup stay in place!

I’ve seen other people put additional things into this mix like foundation powder for some tint, sunscreen, highlighting powder etc.

I keep it simple personally as I only want a great base for my skin.

Do you make your own primer? If so would love to know what works for you! Comment below x

SS x


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