20 Ways To Save Money

With a new financial year ahead of us, don’t wait til 2019 to start a new savings plan.

Start anytime! Here are twenty ways you can save money:

  1. Reduce eating out and cook at home.
  2. Shop second hand!
  3. Close of accounts you aren’t using but paying for like Netflix, apps that charge, monthly subscriptions – if you don’t use it lose it.
  4. Use the library
  5. Have no spend weeks or months
  6. Fly midweek
  7. Bring your lunch to work
  8. Recycle and reuse items
  9. Eat/drink out during happy hours
  10. Use candles and natural lighting more often
  11. Organise staycations instead of overseas trips
  12. Buy in bulk
  13. Negotiate new internet, phone etc plans
  14. Have digital free nights at least once a week
  15. Create a budget and track spending
  16. Pamper at home instead of the salon
  17. Start a side hustle (baby sitting, Uber driving etc)
  18. DIY gifts
  19. Save loose change
  20. Buy generic

Share your fave saving tips below x

Until next time

SS x


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