First Impression: Colourpop No Filter Foundation

I was so excited to try out the new Colourpop foundation, and I got to admit it didn’t disappoint me!

Packaging and consistency: I do like the little pump bottle and box, I was thrown off by the consistency as it’s very watery but the coverage is there and I applied two layers to see how it would blend.

It blends in really nicely and I didn’t know if it will sit well on my skin but it was really natural looking!

Coverage: It gives medium to high cover with a natural finish I wouldn’t say it was a matte or luminous finish more natural if anything.

Longevity : This is probably where it impressed me most, as the day wore on and my oily skin getting a little oily in the T Zone the foundation didn’t oxidise or look weird in the oily parts of anything it gave my skin a soft filter like finish! It just kept getting better throughout the day!

Overall I really rate this foundation highly! Only thing I would change is to make it super high coverage! Great work Colourpop 💗


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