Revlon ColorStay Full Cover Foundation Testing

I’m a huge Revlon fan and have used their products for many years! I also love full coverage foundations so was over the moon to hear they had a matte full coverage foundation coming out.

Packaging: I quite like the tube packaging as it allows you to control how much to use and also quite a lot of product!

Consistency: This foundation is more watering than I expected, quite runny but not in a bad way it isn’t a thick pastey foundation.

Coverage: I wouldn’t call this a full coverage foundation I would say it is medium and I wouldn’t call it matte either I would say natural finish.

Longevity: I used this foundation with the L’Oréal Infalliable Pro Matte foundation and the combo didn’t move! Also no need for touch ups. I think the combo really works!

Over all if I wanted a lighter coverage and less matte I would definitely use this foundation alone. I am really happy using it with a more matte foundation to keen my oily skin at bay.

Excuse the hair 😂


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