30 Days of Self Improvement

We could all use a little help, no one is perfect and as life has its ups and downs so do different aspects of our wellbeing. Today I’m sharing my 30 days of self improvement.

Each day there is a small but significant challenge or to do item to better you. There will be days where the challenge is easy and other days you might have the challenge quite hard because maybe that’s the area where you need to improve. Give it a go and see how you feel at the end:

Day 1: Watch a documentary

Day 2: Do a 45 Min walk/run

Day 3: Do something for someone else (donate blood, give to charity, help a friend out)

Day 4: Spend the whole day eating unprocessed foods. Foods as close to their natural state as possible.

Day 5: Upgrade something in your home that needs it.

Day 6: No spend day.

Day 7: Follow 5 positive accounts on instagram that make you feel good.

Day 8: Start a new book.

Day 9: Try a new style of working out you have never tried before (indoor rock climbing, yoga, weight lifting)

Day 10: Do something for a stranger today.

Day 11: Make a green juice today.

Day 12: Donate or sell all the clothes you don’t wear.

Day 13: Write 5 things about yourself that you like and email it yourself for a future date (link here)

Day 14: No technology for the day.

Day 15: Learn a new skill you have been putting off (sewing, baking, photoshop)

Day 16: Do a workout with someone else or a group.

Day 17: Purchase something big or small as a ‘I’m thinking of you gift’ to someone you know who needs it.

Day 18: Eat vegetarian all day.

Day 19: Clean and declutter the most cluttered area of your home.

Day 20: Visit an area you have never been to before.

Day 21: Do a crossword or sudoku puzzle.

Day 22: Pamper yourself the way you enjoy it most (massage, bath, sleep in)

Day 23: Create a mood board for something you really want or are looking forward to (holiday, dream job, redecorating the home)

Day 24: Do a 30 min stretch session (use a foam roller if possible)

Day 25: Show love on social media – spread positive messages online.

Day 26: Learn how to cook one vegetable you’ve never eaten.

Day 27: Donate or sell 5 pairs of shoes you do not wear.

Day 28: Go for a swim (outside or inside doesn’t matter)

Day 29: Go to bed early.

Day 30: Watch a tutorial on something you want to learn and give it a go!

As you can see some days will require more effort than others give it a shot and see what happens!



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