Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm Review

I love skincare as much as I love makeup! I am so glad to have come across this skin balm especially during winter so I had to share my review of it!

What is it?

Antipodes state this is an everyday skin remedy balm, with scientifically proven type III collagen which has been proven to stimulate new collagen growth by 95%. They state the product contains tea tree and antioxidants among many other things!

Packaging and consistency:

The balm comes in a tube. The texture and consistency is that of paw paw cream also similar in colour.

Final verdict: If you put on too much the product can feel greasey however I use a tiny bit and my skin absorbs it right up and the product def keeps skin moisturised, plump and soothes any skin issues (redness, dryness, any extra sensitive areas) it also protects against harsh wind, cold or impurities in general! Great product overall and I will repurchase – this tube will last me quite a while so value for money is also there!

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2 thoughts on “Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm Review

  1. Antipodes Nature says:

    Thanks for sharing this lovely review of our Saviour Skin Balm! We’re delighted it’s been such a saviour for you this winter! Kindest, Antipodes Nature

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