August Top 5

August my birthday month has been so awesome I’ve got some goodies to share with you – also how crazy is it that Christmas is not that far off?! 😱


A Year In Space!

I love all things space and space travel and was absolutely glued to the TV when I watched this documentary! So insightful and a close look into what it’s like to live in space and the impact it has on the human body!


Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

I’m obsessed with coffee and love all things coffee flavoured recently I purchased some chocolate coated coffee beans from a health food store and they have been my fave 3pm pick me up instead of reaching for sugary snacks or chocolate bars this has abit of the sugar and some caffeine so delicious 😍


Kmart Espresso Ceramic Cups

These are so cute and I got them in the olive and pink – perfect for the coffee machine and so modern and affordable I’m obsessed!



I found this app after I started doing long walks after work and as it’s winter it gets dark quite early so a lot of the time I was walking in the dark and my partner wanted to be able to see where I was in case something should ever happen to me. This app lets you connect with your friends or family and track their whereabouts – this is also great when you have a big night and need to be picked up but not sure where you are! Accurate and easy to use!


X50 Revolver MCT Coffee

I know I know another coffee product but this is for all the fitness peeps out there. This can be used as a preworkout or whenever you want a coffee it has added benefits for fitness junkies to improve your stamina, collagen, and fuels your brain and body! I quite like the mixture has a creamy coffee taste I prefer mine with cold water or milk but it can be consumed as a hot drink also!

That’s all folks! August Top 5!

Until next time x



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