Revlon Fill and Blur Primer Review

I have to start by saying I’m pretty impressed with Revlon at the moment and their level of quality of the products being released.

I was sceptical about this primer because it used the word blur and 99.9% of the products I’ve used both primers and foundations that used that word really disappointed me! I found the products were gel or paste like which was fine but once on the skin they didn’t set the product very well it would move on my skin and didn’t last very long.

The Revlon Fill & Blue Primer however is a different story:

Packaging :

I got to say I’m not a huge fan of fancy packaging – thankfully I love this product so much I can overlook the packaging but I just think they have a great product and this product would have been better in a tube. The bottle it comes in, you push on the bottom and it squirts some product out at the top… not my thing personally….


The product is like a yellow/clear paste is the best way to describe it. Feels thick and you don’t need a lot to cover half your face. Once on the skin it doesn’t move and feels like you put on a luxe cream.


I’m so glad to have come across this primer! I have oily skin and as soon as I put this on I just knew my makeup was not going to budge. It’s doesn’t dry out your skin and it does really give a smooth base and complexion. I tried this with both Revlon foundations and other brands and both produced the same perfect base. I even worked out with a whole makeup face and it did not budge. On my way to buy bottles and bottles of this stuff 😍

What are your thoughts?! Love it or hate it?




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