15 Ways To Break Out of a Creative Rut

There are times when our creative flow is strong and high and times where it is at a complete stop and we have no new ideas or inspiration. This can be due to stress, over worked, being unwell, or life just taking over.

I wanted to share some points and activities that helped me get out of these ruts and that I use anytime I need some new inspo or just to generate new ideas!

  • Start a new collection of something.
  • Wear, paint, buy etc something in a colour you do not like and find ways to make it work.
  • Make a list of three things that you think would be impossible to do and list three things for each item of how they might be able to be done.
  • Change the way you do something (could be your makeup routine, nighttime routine, how you get to work)
  • Read a genre you have never read.
  • Make a new connection either via social media, in person, pen pals, work, through friends or neighbours.
  • Try a cuisine you have never tried before.
  • Pull something apart and try to put it back together.
  • Spend a day without saying no to anything.
  • Create a mind map of inspo with your theme, or focus in the middle and add every single word or image that comes to mind.
  • Study experts. Find an expert in something of interest to you and study the way they think and do.
  • Use a new tool you have never used before – could be a hardware tool, new form of art medium, new kitchen utensil.
  • Question everything. Next time you see something and you think wow I wonder how that works or how they came up with that – go and find out ask questions!
  • Learn a new skill and teach it to someone else.
  • Think of the last interesting thing that happened to you and turn it into a thriller – get writing!

Hope these challenge you and get your creative juices going!

Until next time x



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