Tips and Tricks for Blonde Hair

If you aren’t a natural blonde or thinking about going blonde you’ve come to the right place – I’ve been a blonde since I was about 19 I’ve always dyed my own hair and over the years I’ve come to learn some tips and tricks to share to fellow blondes that may help you out!

Dying your own hair

I gradually dyed my hair, I naturally have chocolate brown hair. I initially started using a soft lightener, called Sun In (I think that’s the right name). It was basically a spray you put in your hair and the more time you spent in the sun the lighter your hair got. I would suggest picking a shade or two lighter of your natural hair and dying it then waiting a few weeks and then going one shade lighter again until you reach the shade you are wanting.

If you are going to home dye your hair, invest in a good quality conditioner and binder (I will discuss this in detail later).

Regularly trim the ends to get rid of spit ends so you can continue to grow your hair.

Hydration = less breakage

The lighter you go the more dry and prone to breakage your hair will be. That’s why hydrating your hair is so important to not only to ensure you keep your hair healthy but so that it continues to grow. A lot of blondes I know have hair that either takes forever to grow or doesn’t really grow, this is due to breakage and dehydrated hair.

For hydration, once a week use a professional salon quality hair mask in your hair and every time you dye your hair ensure you double condition your hair once you rinse out the dye.

Use heated tools as little as possible as this will break your hair and dry it even more. Blonde hair takes longer to fix should you over heat it with tools. Naturally dry your hair and use split end preventing serums on both dry and wet hair.

Also don’t over wash your hair, wash your hair at most twice a week as you need all the hair oils you naturally make and you don’t want to keep stripping your hair off natural nutrients.

Purple is your favourite colour

Now let’s talk all things toners! Toners are blondes best friends! Not only do they make sure your colour doesn’t change to nasty mellow yellow, they also will lessen how many times you dye your hair as they prolong your colour.

There are so many different toners out there and they come in different strengths, depending on which shade of blonde you would like to be will determine which toner you use and for how long you have it in and how often. I will share below with you which one I use for my shade. I had to experiment and try a few toners before I found one that works for me and gives me the result I like!

Quality over quantity

Now being a blonde is expensive, I haven’t yet been able to find any supermarket or drugstore shampoos, conditioners, treatments that do wonders for my blonde hair. I spend a little more on my conditioners, treatments and serums to maintain healthy hair. Below I’ll share all my favourites for all the above items that I’ve covered!

Always keep in mind that you can always mix some toner or purple shampoo with your best conditioner so if conditions and tones your hair to perfection.

Must have blonde products

Olaplex No.3

This is a hair must have not just for blondes but for anyone that dyes their hair. It is a bonder that helps strengthen hair back together. I use this once a week, after I have a shower I towel dry my hair and put a grape sized drop all over my hair focusing on the ends.

Fanola shampoo

This shampoo is very strong and pigmented, I use a tiny drop in my conditioner and leave it in while I shower. I’ve also used it on its own when I needed some major toning!

Joico Deep Penetrating Reconstructor

This is a must have for anyone with really damaged hair. I use this once a week as a conditioner and it saved my hair so many times when I got too happy using hair straighteners!


This serum is a great serum to use on wet hair as it dries naturally and also on dry hair to give it some hydration!

Joico Blonde Life Brilliant Glow Brightening Oil

This is a great serum to help give a natural shine and condition your hair as you go about your day. I use it once I’ve styled my hair as the last step!


Another great oil for not just blondes but anyone wanting healthy hair. Doesn’t over saturate the hair and is so light on the hair!

Oribe Moisturising Cream

Although pricey if your hair needs moisture this one is for you! I use it sparingly as it is super moisturising and if you use too much it can make my hair look oily – but it is a massive saviour when my hair is damaged and needs love!

Hope this has been useful and you have gotten some great tips, share any of your own in the comments below!

S xx


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